SRI LANKA vs NEW ZEALAND (ODI), November 12, 2013, 2nd ODI
Match Status : New Zealand won by 4 wickets (D/L method)
NZ: 203/6 (23.0)
Batsmen R B 4s 6s SR
Jimmy Neesham 5 4 0 0 125.0
Nathan McCullum 32 9 3 3 355.6
SL: 138/1 (23.0 Ovs)
Bowlers O M R W ER
Lasith Malinga 5 0 42 0 8.4
Rangana Herath 3 0 43 0 14.3
RR : 8.83  
Last Wkt: Tom Latham c Senanayake b N Kulasekara 86(68) - 165/6 in 20.5 ov.
Prev Ovs: . 1 . . 1 Wd Wd .   |  . W 4 . W 1   |  4 L1 1 1 1 4   |  2 1 6 4 6 6
Commentary -
So New Zealand have taken an unassailable 1-0 lead in this 3-match series with one game to go. What was going to be abandonded at one stage, turned out to be an absolute thriller courtesy some great work by the ground staff who got the ground play-fit after a 5-hour rain delay. The teams head to Dambulla now for the final game and there are a few showers predicted for that game as well. Let's hope that all is well. Join us back on Saturday for all that unfolds. Until then, take care and goodbye!
Martin Guptill tweets, Well done to the @BLACKCAPS overnight. @Tomlatham2 outstanding work and @ronchi04 with some power hitting along with nath!
Mitchell McClenaghan tweets, Unbelievable innings from Tom Latham, Luke Ronchi and Nathan Mccullum! Unreal!!!! Shot boys!!!
Mills: "Yeah, it's pleasing to see a young lad like Latham take up responsibility and do well. We always had the belief that we had the skill to do the job. I think we are leaking far too many full balls, we need to improve in that aspect. We have a couple of days to do that. 320-330 was a par score in Sri Lanka and we knew if we bat well we could pull this off. It is an opportunity for the young guys to step up, we are a proud cricketing nation. To me, it's a very good result tonight."
Mathews: "I think the batters did everything right in the first half. We were a little bit complacent after getting 4 early wickets. Batting second in these games is always an advantage but I think we let them off the hook after those early wickets. Not really (when asked whether the decision to give Herath the final over was wrong), unfortunately Rangana could not do it today. Dilshan and Sanga played well, unfortunately the bowlers couldn't do well. I am pretty happy with my batting, hopefully I will do well in the next game as well."
Latham: "Yeah, it's pleasing to get a win and go 1-0 up. Obviously losing 3-0 in Bangladesh was tough. When we came here we were a young group and to pull off a win today, yeah very happy. We always knew if we take it closer, the guys down the order can clear the ropes."
Tom Latham is the Man of the Match for his 68-ball 86.
Scott Styris tweets, Amazing performance from the @blackcaps. Top work @Tomlatham2 @ronchi04 and Nath McCullum.
Ross Taylor tweets, Wow. A great win @BLACKCAPS well done @Tomlatham2 @ronchi04
Would you believe it? New Zealand were struggling to do well against Bangladesh and now, from a very difficult position, they have won a game. Sri Lanka would argue that they had the match in the bag with some early wickets, but Tom Latham and Luke Ronchi counter-attacked very well and steadied the ship. The pressure got the better of the latter just before his fifty and it looked like the hosts were going to hold their nerve when Kulasekara removed both him and Latham in the same over. Malinga fired the yorkers perfectly and made life difficult for Nathan McCullum in the penultimate over but Rangana Herath didn't have any answers to the power of McCullum and he couldn't defend 20 runs in the final over. Brendon will be very proud of his brother.
22.6 Herath to Nathan McCullum, SIX, New Zealand have pulled off a great win. Friendly full toss on the leg stump, McCullum waits and smashes it over the long-on fence. This is a sensational win by the Kiwis, Sri Lanka are gutted
22.5 Herath to Nathan McCullum, SIX, McCullum is turning out too be the hero for New Zealand. Nice and full again from Herath, McCullum muscles the loft over the long-off fence. Scores level now
22.4 Herath to Nathan McCullum, FOUR, Sri Lanka are under pressure now. Another full delivery on the leg stump, McCullum made room to go over the on-side, but he gets it on the outside half of the bat, he swung it so hard that it cleared the infield even though it was not from the middle off the bat
22.3 Herath to Nathan McCullum, SIX, in the air and it has enough to clear the deep extra-cover fence. Herath misses the yorker and lands this full, McCullum clears his front foot out of the way and lofts it powerfully
Need a boundary every ball now.
22.2 Herath to Neesham, 1 run, a perfect fast yorker outside off stump, Neesham only manages it dig it out to extra-cover
22.1 Herath to Neesham, 2 runs, struck powerfully to mid-wicket and the fielder palms it to long-on. Full delivery on the leg stump, Neesham smashes it and charges back for the second as it goes to long-on
Rangana Herath [2.0-0-18-0] is back into the attack
21.6 Malinga to Nathan McCullum, FOUR, finishes off the over in style. Slowish full delivery on the stumps, McCullum lofts it straight down the ground and it goes on the bounce to the fence
21.5 Malinga to Neesham, 1 run, slowish yorker just outside off stump, Neesham could only dig it out to cover-point
21.4 Malinga to Nathan McCullum, 1 run, digs out the yorker on the leg stump to mid-wicket and sets off
21.3 Malinga to Neesham, 1 run, yorker length delivery just outside off stump, Neesham squeezes it square of the wicket on the off-side
21.2 Malinga to Nathan McCullum, leg byes, 1 run, again walks across the stumps and tries to flick, the full ball swung away late and foxed him, it went to backward point off the back pad
21.1 Malinga to Nathan McCullum, FOUR, great start to the over for the visitors. Low full toss just outside off stump, McCullum shuffles across the stumps and clips it just over mid-wicket and it races away
20.6 N Kulasekara to Nathan McCullum, 1 run, full toss wide outside off stump, McCullum slices it to first of the fielders at point
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